Какие будут версии?

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Какие будут версии?

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Этот камень с Мальты - эта плита толченого известняка от Тэл-Кади Темпла



It was once claimed of Malta that (with the exception of Mnajdra), 'There are no significant astronomical alignments, they are all inward facing' (1). However, in the light of new research which shows a clear predominance for the orientation of most temples to the winter solstice, and other other obvious discrepancies to this sweeping generalisation, this statement can no longer to be considered valid.
It seems, as with nearly all megalithic structures, that the builders had a preference for orientating their structures towards key moments of the celestial cycles. So frequent is this association that it becomes tempting to suggest that the original function of the temples may have even been to mark these events.The best evidence that the inhabitants of Malta and Gozo were interested in astronomy come in the form of discoveries of everyday objects such as this broken limestone slab from the Tal-Qadi Temple (left) which has what certainly appears to be a representation of the heavens, showing the moon and stars as well as a number of radiating lines dividing it into quadrants, and the solar-wheel from a pottery shard found in Hagar Qim temple. With regards the temples themselves, at Mnajdra in particular, there are several significant alignments to mark moments of the solar year.The Tal Qadi stone is believed to have once been a disc. A projection shows that the sky was divided into sixteen sections. The 'Solar-wheel' above is divided into eight sections.

It is now considered probable that most, if not all of the large prehistoric temples on Malta would have originally been covered over. Combined with an invariable orientation of the passages to either the equinoxes or the solstices, the builders would have been able to use the temples as a means of measuring the solar year exactly (in the same way as the builders of the Irish and Scottish Passage-mounds did).

внутри восемь делении -
это знак солнца -
он хорошо известен

а с наружи 28 делении? -
цикл луны????
Мир построен по принципу аналогии.

"АВРОРА" тонет.
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